Our 2019 auction was a great success! The final bid of $271 was made by Edward Maxwell from Hobart, and donated to Hobart Women’s Shelter. We’re delighted to be able to support such a worthy cause during the Christmas season.

If you’d like to make a personal donation or find out more about what HWS do for Southern Tasmanian women and children, please check out their website here.

We’re holding a charity auction!

We’re auctioning off the chance to choose the first Christmas tree!

The auction is now underway! Click on this link to head to our Facebook auction post.

Bidding will start on our Facebook page on Friday 22nd November 2019, at 8pm. The highest bid by 4pm Sunday 24th November will win! The winner will get to enter the farm an hour before everyone else on Saturday 30th November, and be able to take their time to choose the most perfect tree.

Most of us are so lucky to enjoy the Christmas period, but for some it’s a difficult time. With that in mind, we’re donating all of our auction proceeds to Hobart Women’s Shelter.

A few words from Hobart Women’s Shelter…

“Christmas in our society has become synonymous with merriment and ‘quality’ time with spent with family, so that being in Hobart Women’s Shelter (HWS) over this time can be very difficult for women and children.

At HWS we do our best to make this difficult time a little better.  Leading up to Christmas, the children decorate our Christmas tree and we provide a Christmas lunch and presents for the Mums and kids.  Even Santa takes time out of his busy schedule to visit us! We are always very grateful for donations from the community which we use these to assist women in practical ways.”

– Morgen, Hobart Women’s Shelter.

If you’d like to make a personal donation, you can do that here: https://www.hobartws.org.au/donate/

Auction Terms

By placing a bid you are agreeing to these terms:

Starting 8pm Friday 22nd 2019
Finishing 4pm Sunday 24th November 2019

You’ll get first entry into Richmond Christmas Tree Farm and first choice of a Christmas tree. You’ll have access to the farm on Saturday November 30th from 9am, one hour before gates open to ticket holders. Your prize is for one tree of any height. You can either take it on the day or tag it to pick up later on one of our Collection Days.

The winning bid will be donated in its entirety to Hobart Women’s Shelter – https://www.hobartws.org.au/


  • Bidding will start at $50
  • By making a bid you are agreeing to these Terms
  • Anyone can bid in any increment in the comments below the original post
  • The highest bid at 4pm Sunday 24th November 2019 will win
  • In the following 24 hours we’ll message you via Facebook to get your email address, then send you a confirmation email with payment details
  • You have 24 hours following the email being sent to make your payment
  • If payment isn’t made, the prize goes to the next highest bidder.


  • You must have your ‘Congratulations Email’ with you to gain access, printed or digital.
  • You must check the tree you choose for bird nests.

If the forecast is for really wet weather, Richmond Christmas Tree Farm retains the right to POSTPONE the open days until the following weekend. In this case, the market may or may not be open as planned. The prize remains the same, and will be carried out an hour before we open the farm gates for the first time. Updates about closing the farm due to weather events will also be published to our Facebook page and sent out to our mailing list subscribers, and we’ll be in touch with the winner to confirm times and dates.

There will be NO REFUND of the winning bid. If you can’t make it along to the farm, or change your mind, you’re welcome to pass your prize to a friend or family member. In this case you are required to get in contact with us about the new arrangements.
If you have a ticket to our Open Days already, we’ll refund your $20 deposit + the booking fee.

We will not share or sell your information. We will email you during this season with important information. We’ll also add you to our mailing list for future seasons, however you can unsubscribe at any time.

Head back to the Facebook auction post here.