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Q. Where is Richmond Christmas Tree Farm?

A. We’re located 5 minutes north of Richmond, in south-east Tasmania. Check out this map to find us.

Q. How long does a tree last once cut?

A. At least 4-6 weeks, if you follow our care instructions and keep topping up the stand with water.

Q. I’m not keen on cutting down a tree myself, can you give me a hand?

A. It’s easy at our farm – you just point to the tree you want, and we cut it down for you 🙂

Q. Should I bring my own saw?

A. No need to, we’ll cut the tree down for you.

Q. Do you take EFTPOS or credit card?

A. We have EFTPOS, however best to bring cash in case it breaks or can’t access the internets! (likely!)

Q. Can you tag me the biggest tree ahead of time?

A. Every tree is very different, so it’s best if you choose your own. We don’t tag on behalf of customers.

Q. Is cutting down a real tree sustainable?

A. Yes! It definitely is compared to buying a plastic tree, full of petro-chemicals that was shipped using fossil-fuel from overseas. We farm as environmentally sustainably as possible. During each tree’s growing cycle (which is usually about 3.5 to 5.5 years) they’ve been locking up carbon, and providing habitat for birds and animals. We replant each winter to continue the cycle.
See the next Q & A for some ideas on how to sustainably dispose of your tree after Christmas.

Q. What do I do with my tree after Christmas?

A. The trees are compostable, or can be cut down into smaller parts for greenwaste in some council areas. The needles make great mulch for around your strawberries. Another idea is to snip off the branches, and cut the trunk into 1cm slivers, to be uses them as coasters or stacking toys for your kids, as one of our customers did with his 2015 tree. What a great idea!

Q. Do you deliver trees?

A. No we don’t, but please express your interest because we are thinking of introducing home deliveries at some stage.

Q. Can I take photos at the farm and post them to social media?

A. Please do! We’d love to see them. Use #richmondchristmastreefarm so we can check them out.

Q. Do you sell your trees wholesale?

A. We pride ourselves on focusing on a choose-your-own farm experience. So our customers leave our farm with a beautiful tree AND new family Christmas memories.

Q. Can you sell your trees at my market this Christmas?

A. We have a very small team of helpers that need to concentrate on our farm open days, so we don’t have time in December to sell offsite.

Q. I get allergies from pine, but I REALLY want a real tree?

A. Well luckily for you pines aren’t pollinating in December, but they do collect lots of pollen in their branches as it drifts past in the breeze from other plants in the area.
Our best tip is to hose off your tree on your driveway when you get home, stand it up in bucket of water in the shade until it drys off. Then it should be pollen free, and you’re set to take it inside and decorate it!

Q. Should I get a pot or a bucket for my tree?

A. Your tree will need to stand in water (like cut flowers) until Christmas day. So a bucket is best, but better still you can buy a purpose-built tree stand on farm open days. Click here to download our care instructions.

Q. What’s the best way to look after my real Christmas tree?

A. Please download our care instructions for all the tips and tricks on looking after your tree throughout December. Click here to download.

Q. Can I work at your farm while I’m on my working holiday in Australia?

A. Our farm is very small, and there’s not enough work to sustain any extra employees unfortunately.

Q. I have a different question.

A. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, here.

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