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Choose your own Christmas tree in the Coal Valley, Tasmania

Each December we fling open the farm gates and welcome you and your family to choose a real Christmas tree. We established the farm in 2012, and since then it’s been a delight to see families nurture a beautiful Christmas tradition at our farm, year after year.

Things to Know…

Follow a manual added link
Follow a manual added link

Care Instructions

Our Christmas trees will last at least six weeks with good care.

The most important tips are:

  • Saw 2cm off the bottom of your tree when you get home, just before you put it in water.
  • Keep the water topped up, and don’t let it get below the bottom of the tree trunk.
  • Find our simple how-to video here.
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The Team

Hello, we are Jared, Jack, Alex and Nat Mendham… and there’s also our greyhound x labrador, Flynn, is a one-dog-welcoming-committee at the farm.

Our boys were born in Canada, and while we lived there we embraced the tradition of choosing a real Christmas tree from a family farm just outside Vancouver each year. And so, we bought the idea home with us to Tasmania to share with you.

When we’re not tending to Christmas trees, Nat is a commercial photographer and Jared is a marketer in the tyre industry. And we’re proud to have established Southern Tasmanian first ‘choose-your-own’ Christmas tree farm.

In 2021 Kerry joined the team. She’s a hard working horticulturalist, dog lover and is always keen for a good chinwag. Be sure to say hi to her at our open days!

We’re looking forward to seeing you this Christmas!

Thank you for your supporting our farm.


You can bring your tree back to the farm in January and we’ll mulch it! 

On the second weekend in January, 10am – 12pm, you can drop your tree back to us and we’ll mulch it and return it to farm.

It’s closed loop and zero waste! We appreciate your participation.

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A few of our favourite photos from over the years…