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Choose your own Christmas tree in the Coal Valley, Tasmania

Each December we fling open the farm gates and welcome you and your family to choose a real Christmas tree. We established the farm in 2012, and since then it’s been a delight to see families nurture a beautiful Christmas tradition at our farm, year after year.

Important Things to Know

Online tickets

After the success of our 2019 ticketing process, we’ll be doing it again in 2020!

Mid November 2020, tickets to our open day (Sunday, 29th Dec) will be released. One ticket equals one tree. Head here for much more information.

Whether you’re tagging a tree to pick up later in December or taking it on the day, this is the best (and only!) way to get your 2020 tree from the farm.

Find out important information first by signing up to our mailing list and keep a sharp eye our on Facebook and Instagram.

Price List

Christmas Trees

Up to 4ft is $40

Up to 5ft is $50

Up to 6ft is $60

Up to 7ft is $70

Up to 8ft is $80… and so on.

Please note: Your ticket price ($20) will be discounted from your tree price when you cash out. And there are measuring sticks are provided at the farm gate.

Tree Stands

Small $50 & large $70

Stands are wide and strong, and hold plenty of water. They are easy to set up to support your tree safely.

All prices include GST.

Important Dates

Online Ticket Release

2020 date to be released.

Open Days + Market

Sunday 29th November.

If you miss out on a ticket this year, you’re very welcome to pop in on those days to enjoy the Christmas market, food and wine, and have a wander through the trees.

Collection Days

Every Saturday and Sunday in December til Christmas, 10am – 2pm to collect tagged trees.

Care Instructions

Trees should last at least six weeks with good care.

It’s important to take good care of your real tree so that it’ll look great on the big day!

The main thing is to keep the water up to it, just like cut flowers, easy-peasy.

On the Farm

Richmond Christmas Tree Farm is a working farm, the grass is lumpy and the sun is bright. Here’s a few things that will make your visit a joy!

  • sturdy shoes
  • a sun hat
  • tie-downs or ropes
  • a tarp to keep tree-sap out of your car

You can tag a tree

On our opens day you are very welcome to either take your tree home that day or tag it and pick it up on a Collection Day later in December.

When you book your online ticket you’ll be able to choose either tagging or taking, and there’ll be instructions at the farm if you’re new to the process.


You can bring your tree back to the farm in January and we’ll mulch it! 

On the second weekend in January, 10am – 12pm, you can drop your tree back to us and we’ll mulch it and return it to farm.

It’s the full cycle! We appreciate your participation.

Our Environmental Responsibility

It’s not lost on us that agriculture has a major role to play in righting this climate debacle we’re in the midst of. Some studies say that a tree locks up around 21kg of carbon from the air each year, so that’s around 73kg of carbon per Christmas tree that each family takes home each year. And we’re pretty proud of that.

We’re an off-grid farm and try our best to be maintain spray-free practices. And we’re big on planting native wind-breaks that double as habit corridors.

This year we’re starting a Tree-Cycle program, which means you can bring your tree back to the farm (or other pick-up locations, stay tuned) in January, and we’ll mulch it and use it again!

We are stewards of a beautiful piece of Tasmania, and we take our responsibility seriously.

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The Team

Hello, we are Jared, Jack, Alex and Nat Mendham… and there’s also our greyhound x labrador, Flynn, is a one-dog-welcoming-committee at the farm.

Our boys were born in Canada, and while we lived there we embraced the tradition of choosing a real Christmas tree from a family farm just outside Vancouver each year. And so, we bought the idea home with us to Tasmania to share with you.

When we’re not tending to Christmas trees, Nat is a commercial photographer and Jared is a marketer in the tyre industry. And we’re proud to have established Southern Tasmanian first ‘choose-your-own’ Christmas tree farm.

We’re looking forward to meeting you this Christmas!

Thank you for your supporting our farm.

Keen for a tree this Christmas?

We always sell out of trees quickly, and getting a ticket online is the only way to get one. So keep your ear to the ground for details.